• Providing reliable energy cost savings for your home.

    How much will your power rates be in 10 years? Solar & renewable home systems offer stability and energy security. What will you do with all the money you save?

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  • Agriculture is powered by solar.

    From the food we eat to the grass between our toes on a warm summer day, our lives are made possible by the sun. Did you know grants may be available to help you grow with solar?

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  • Discover the impact of solar power in your community.

    More people, communities and businesses are making the switch, saving money and the planet too. Grants may be available to Aboriginal communities.

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  • Have you considered solar for your business?


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  • Fossil Farms

    28.8 KW Photovoltaic System, Provides power to multiple buildings. 

    The System is designed to generate 35,000 KWH/ Year

  • Solar Power

    Photovoltaic (PV) is used to convert the sun’s energy directly into electricity. In recent years the cost of PV has decreased dramatically. So much so, it is now competitive with non-renewable energy sources like oil and coal.

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    Solar Heating

    Using a Solar heating system is the most efficient way to capture the sun’s energy to heat water or air for use in your home or business.

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    "Solar power has provided us with an efficient and dependable power source while living off the grid on Pictou Island. Accolades go to Mr. Robert MacKean at Nova Sun Power for technical advice and professional installation of the solar powered system in our home. We are planning to add to our system in the near future and Nova Sun Power is the place to do business! We take pleasure in recommending Bob for your future solar power requirements."

    The Macdonalds