Nova Sun Power Products

Nova Sun Power not only provides a wide selection of products, but we strive to provide many Canadian made and Canadian approved products. Products purchased from Nova Sun Power provide jobs in Canada, uncomplicated warranty and servicing issues, and peace of mind.

Nova Sun Power offers a variety of solar solutions to meet your needs. We provide solar PV systems, solar hot water and solar hot air systems. Whether it is an autonomous PV system without batteries or one with batteries or a hybrid solar-wind system, we have your answer. We provide certified installation and custom solutions to meet your needs.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

A photovoltaic (PV) system absorbs sunlight and converts it into electrical energy providing you with your electricity needs in a method that generates no pollutants or noise. PV systems do not have any moving parts, which in turn make them highly reliable and very low in maintenance. We are an authorized dealer for Kyocera solar modules, but we can provide you with other brands if you prefer.

Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water systems use the sun to heat a fluid (usually a glycol water mixture) in the solar panel itself. Using heat exchangers, the heat from the fluid is transferred to a storage medium, such as a concrete slab or storage tank used for domestic hot water. Solar hot water systems are great for in-floor heating systems, domestic hot water systems, and for pool heating. As an authorized Thermodynamics supplier, we are happy to provide you with locally manufactured products.

Solar Hot Air

Solar energy can also be used to directly heat the air in your home or business through a specialized solar hot air panel. Easy to install, environmentally friendly and low maintenance makes solar air a great way to supplement your heating requirements. We offer the SolarSheat and Cansolair, both Canadian-made products.


Wind energy has been used for hundreds of years. Wind turbines convert the potential energy of the wind to mechanical energy through the blades and generator that in turn produces electrical energy. Whether you are coastal or inland, Nova Sun Power can provide your residential and small commercial wind needs. We offer a variety of wind turbines and various types of installation methods. Whether you are producing your own energy off-grid, or reducing your power bill by feeding energy to the grid, we can put a system in place to meet your power needs.

Nova Sun Power is your one-stop shop for all you alternative energy requirements. We supply batteries, controllers, inverters, cabling, connectors, mounting solutions, towers, micro-hydro turbines and more. We offer full installation, manufacturer warranties and installation warranties.

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